Cavalli Kan Kumisa III Headphone Amplifier

The Cavalli Kan Kumisa III (CK²III or CKKIII) is a high quality desktop Headphone Amplifier. (more about it here)

Cavalli Kan Kumisa (CK²III) headphone amplifier - mfspdesignsCavalli Kan Kumisa (CKKIII) headphone amplifier - mfspdesigns

Cavalli Kan Kumisa (CKK III) headphone amplifier - mfspdesignsDSC02967-p3

My versions of the CK²III are enclosed in a high quality, compact and sturdy custom made enclosure made of wood (available in Mahogany or Walnut) and aluminum which houses the CK²III pcb and its power supply.

This amplifier provides a high voltage swing (20Vp-p) which is particularly suited to drive high impedance headphones.

Optionally available with DC offset protection and delay muting circuit (Epsilon12) to prevent any turn-on and turn-off noise and protect your headphones.

Optionally available with a white led illuminated volume knob and headphone jack aluminum (3.6mm) front plate.


Stereo Headphone Amplifier (all discrete)

Built in power supply.
Can be configured for 230 V or 115V
Toroidal transformer 30VAC, 25VA, 830mA

Option: Epsilon 12 – DC offset protection and delay muting circuit – (more about AMB Epsilon 12 here)

Enclosure: wood and aluminum with 3.6mm brushed aluminium front panel. (available in mahogany or walnut).
Massive (dia.28mm) aluminum knob for Volume.
Optionally available with a white led illuminated volume knob and headphone jack.
Stainless steel front power switch rated 3A, 250VAC.
Red led for power indicator.
Rubber feet.

ALPS RK27 “blue velvet” high quality potentiometer for Volume control
Std. gain: 9
Output bias set to 30mA
Neutrik 6,35mm jack
2 x Neutrik gold plated RCA for input

Output impedance: <0.5 Ohm
Max. Output voltage : 20Vp-p (7,07Vrms)
Power output: 1.4Wrms into 33 Ohms ; 0.15Wrms into 330 Ohms

dimensions (mm):
235x305x65 (incl. Knobs, RCA, feet)
235x280x55 (excl. Knobs, RCA, feet)

Weight: 2.1 kg

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